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Food for

  "It's the right
 direction to go in.
 We're a society that
 is absorbing
 information in a way
 that we never
 imagined we would
 be doing. We have a
 whole new
 generation of news
 viewers that have
 been trained on the

- Teya Ryan, EVP and
general manager of
CNN Headline News


  "The Sept. 11
 terrorist attacks
 took the use of
 crawls to a new
 level. Just about
 every major news
 network--with the
 exception of ABC
 News--launched a
 continuous crawl to
 spit out breaking-
 news developments
 as they occurred."

- Broadcasting & Cable,


  "Crawls are good
 journalism when
 they augment a
 program in progress
 with important news
 told in context... "

- Jill Geisler, Poynter

  Deliver a continual stream of global, national and local headlines to your viewers

Need a dedicated, high-priority information feed to broadcast headlines? Our proprietary TV-Ticker News Agent enables you to scroll real-time information to Broadcast, Satellite and Cable-TV viewers. Relying on our proven Intelligent Agent technology, you can now stream headlines from multiple sources, including your in-house headlines, alongside your local news. For a fraction of the price of dedicated CG-based systems, you can have a professional news crawl and be the first to provide breaking local news and ongoing national news to your viewers.


TV-Ticker enables a broadcaster to integrate continuous news feeds from multiple sources. Once programmed, the information agent continuously crawls to the data source for top stories and streams them live to the TV screen. You specify the source of news, and TV-Ticker delivers. Information is displayed in a continuous cycle, changing as news changes, so that the ticker can be displayed indefinitely. Best of all, TV-Ticker does not require dedicated servers or full-time technical positions to incorporate and manage. The newsroom specifies the information source, control of the information, flow and accessibility. Adding or eliminating content sources is flexible and can be changed at any time.

  Improve Ratings With a Simple Push of a Button:

Generate internal headlines with ease. TV-Ticker doesn't require complicated editing machines or costly character generators. Let your viewers know about breaking local news, traffic conditions and weather reports -- as it happens!

  Advanced, Proven Technology:

"Intelligent agents are software entities that carry out some set
of operations on behalf of a user, with a degree of
independence or autonomy, and in so doing, employ some
knowledge or representation of the user's goals or desires."
IBM -- Intelligent agent definition

WorldFlash Software is the proprietary owner and developer of the advanced TV-Ticker software, which has been internally developed through a set of programs that use the latest communication protocols. Combined with expert-system technology, the result is an Intelligent Agent platform that provides an advanced, yet user-friendly method for retrieving and delivering relevant, real-time information in regular intervals from a large number of programmable sources. It automates the process of communicating dynamic information through sophisticated parsing techniques that can map and analyze the structure of a web-enabled page. The resulting software is customized to work quietly and relentlessly, seamlessly communicating with various servers and databases to deliver dynamic information. The TV-Ticker agent executes repetitive (programmable) tasks systematically, freeing the newsroom to focus on productive daily activities.

We've been the leader in News Tickers for the Personal Computer market since 1997, and our software has achieved more than one million successful downloads. TV-Ticker uses the same ultra-reliable code-base developed for our "consumer" product line, WorldFlash GOLD.

TV-Ticker is a Win32 middleware app that operates at the same level as Web browsers. Using brilliant coding and combining system timers and multithreading, the agent minimizes the use of system resources needed (CPU and memory). This is critical for an on-line agent because of the requirement for temporal continuity and smoothness of operation. TV-Ticker can generally be "pre-trained" to parse structured information originating from any of the Internet's common data transport protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, NNTP, XML, RSS, etc). And, because TV-Ticker is fully Unicode enabled, it can display information in just about any language on the planet!

  Fully Automated Application:

This powerful client-side intelligent agent for the broadcast environment provides an easy-to-use platform to communicate news and information alongside your TV broadcast signal. There's no need for a substantial editing station since the software is able to retrieve information automatically from outside content sources. Choose from a comprehensive list of external content sources or alternatively, combine external feeds with a dedicated connection to an internal news page. Using this simple and inexpensive method to deliver accurate information to the viewers allows a broadcaster to free up resources such as a dedicated human operator. The results are smooth and professional, competing with the "industry standard" solutions at a much lower cost.

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