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Food for

  "It's the right
 direction to go in.
 We're a society that
 is absorbing
 information in a way
 that we never
 imagined we would
 be doing. We have a
 whole new
 generation of news
 viewers that have
 been trained on the

- Teya Ryan, EVP and
general manager of
CNN Headline News


  "The Sept. 11
 terrorist attacks
 took the use of
 crawls to a new
 level. Just about
 every major news
 network--with the
 exception of ABC
 News--launched a
 continuous crawl to
 spit out breaking-
 news developments
 as they occurred."

- Broadcasting & Cable,


  "Crawls are good
 journalism when
 they augment a
 program in progress
 with important news
 told in context... "

- Jill Geisler, Poynter

  Customized for Your Needs Right Out of the Box
TV-Ticker Box Art

TV-Ticker software customization options include:

  • Font Choice
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Scrolling Speed
  • Ticker Direction (left-to-right is available)
  • Character Set: Full Unicode Support
  • Ticker Height
  • Full-Color Station Logo w/Transparency
  • Times of Operation
  • RSS Feeds (internal and external)

  Runs on Standard, Inexpensive Hardware Components:

The items below are generally provided by the customer and aren't bundled with the TV-Ticker system. WorldFlash Software can provide a separate proposal for any necessary hardware.

TV-Ticker requires a standard PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and a fully featured video card such as the ATI All-In-Wonder, Matrox Marvel, or NVidia "Personal Cinema" AGP cards that include S-Video input and output connections.
  • Desktop PC, 64Mbytes+ Memory, 866Mhz or faster Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon class processor
  • Video card: ATI All-In-Wonder, NVidia "Personal Cinema" models
  • Modem or network card for connection to the Internet via standard ISP
TV-Ticker does not require a separate "scan-converter" box to achieve broadcast-ready output. An external frame-buffer or TBC (Time Base Corrector) unit may be required to properly gen-lock with your station's video signal.

How does this work? TV-Ticker leverages the power of the latest generation of silicon miracles from NVidia (GeForce4), Matrox (G450) and ATI Technologies (RV200) to actually do all the work required to make the electronic round-trip from Analog World to the High-res Digital Universe and back. The software-generated news crawl is overlayed onto the incoming analog studio feed by the same inexpensive (< $150) component. HDTV support (coming soon) entails replacing the video card with a newer generation, when that feature becomes available on-chip.

  Fully Internationalized Software

Below is a demonstration of our advanced language capabilities. The ticker is shown simultaneously displaying real-time Chinese, Russian and Arabic headlines with no troubles. TV-Ticker can easily handle any of the hundreds of languages that can be represented in the Unicode format. It's also fully Bi-Directional capable for handling tricky right-to-left headlines in languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

  Giant Screen Plasma Displays: YES!

Looking for a news crawl to run alongside your content on public-display wide-screen plasma monitors? TV-Ticker is the right software. Smoothly scroll up-to-the-minute company news, weather reports, headlines, stocks and more on a 24-hour-a-day basis. For pricing information, please contact our sales group via email at .

  Try TV-Ticker on your PC!

WorldFlash Software offers a free downloadable trial product that demonstrates the full TV-Ticker functionality on any Windows PC, and takes just a few minutes to install and run. A special video card is not required to view the output on your PC monitor. Choose from any news headline sources currently supported by WorldFlash GOLD.

To try the TV-Ticker software, email us at . The following information is required:

  • Your name
  • Occupation and Company
  • Current full address (including phone number)
  • Please write us a line or two describing the application you have in mind.
A reply will be sent via return email with download instructions. Due to the large volume of requests, we can only respond if all fields are filled.
Please contact us at for sales information. Pricing starts at $500 per screen for closed-circuit applications, and $10,000 and up for broadcast (based on viewership). We look forward to hearing from you!

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